The WOW factor to the pictures can be achieved with a professional touch. And from where do the professionals learn the art of photography? The same camera can offer diverse results when handled by an expert or a layman. The USP lies in the way the device is handled, the way the settings are used and the way the angle is optimized. All these factors can be learned, yes, it is true. The art of Photography can be mastered. This is the strong belief of Institute of Photography in Delhi which is a premier Delhi College of Photography. The Institute understands the diverse requirements of the students can offer programs best suited for them.

Some students want to learn the art just to give a push to their hobby while some want to take it seriously and give it the shape of a career. The Institute is equipped with programs for durations like 3 Months, 6 Months, 1 Year Diploma and Advanced Diploma in Photography Courses. For the working professionals, they have designed the weekend classes as well.

The campus takes pride to offer the programs to the students for the enhancement of their skill and a better understanding of the subject. The faculty members consist of professional photographers as well who can extend and share their knowledge with the students and give them the confidence to handle the devices.

  • Comprehensive and practical training is an important part of the curriculum.
  • The use of the DSLR cameras is the high point of the courses. The practical rooms have installed high-end devices with cutting edge technology to offer the best training session to the students.
  • The teachers enlighten the students about the difference between natural and artificial lighting which is very important for them to understand and put to optimum use.
  • Workshops are organized for the required exposure. These are enlightening sessions which are a necessary part of learning.

The placement cell of the Institute is very efficient. The students who have already graduated from the center share their views about their experience on campus. They are presently well placed in the industry and thus highly recommend the course to the interested students. The Diploma in Photography has helped them to make a lucrative career in the field of photography.


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