There was a time when people did not take photography seriously and restricted it as a hobby only. Then time changed and technology also proved to be a major breakthrough in the world of photography. It became a technical expertise oriented subject and people started taking the profession and the attached people with it seriously. Thus the professional photography also became a wannabe career and institutions enrolled it as a subject with proper curriculum and guidelines. The Career in Photography has emerged as one of the trendiest profession. The Photography Institute offers a diverse mix of the course for the students who would like to avail short term course, diploma course or advanced photography course.

The institute is also working to design the online classes so that students living in distant areas can also access the courses easily. The curriculum is well designed and well executed by the team of faculty members who are experienced and experts in the related field.

Professional photography has a huge scope in the recent years. The various types of photography like wildlife, wedding, professional, digital, landscape and portrait attract the attention of the students who are pursuing the course. The study material of the curriculum is so designed that the students also get an opportunity to choose their area of specialization which in the years to follow can give them a better standing in the professional world.

The Photography Diploma Courses are meant to expose the practical side of the course. The students are offered practical training classes in device settings which give them a chance to understand all the features of the device so that they can make optimum use of the device. The faculty members are very co-operative with the students and provide a sound training session which turns out to be very interactive for the candidates.

The campus has the resources which are essential for the subject. The management has also equipped the campus with DSLR cameras which give a better exposure to the candidates. They are also given better training for understanding the importance of lighting effects and camera angles.


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